Institutional Planning and Grant Development

Strategic Planning Committee

Purpose - The purpose of the Strategic Planning Committee is to enable representatives of the broader College community to contribute to the development and implementation of strategic initiatives, goals and objectives.

Responsibilities - The Strategic Planning Committee will be responsible for soliciting and sharing ideas and comments during the strategic planning development and implementation process in order to encourage support at all levels of the institution. Members of the committee help develop and review draft planning documents and serve on appropriate sub-committees. Committee members also assist with the annual review and subsequent validation or revision of the strategic plan.


  1. Dr. Edit Szanto - Chair
  2. Bob Keegan, CSI Board of Trustee Representative
  3. Dr. Jeff Fox, CSI President
  4. Raquel Arenz
  5. Monty Arrossa
  6. Joel Bate
  7. Dr. Cindy Bond
  8. Chris Bragg
  9. Dr. Ken Campbell
  10. Mark Daily
  11. Hallie Star
  12. Randy Dill
  13. Brian Dobbs
  14. Dr. Clark Draney - Faculty Senate representative (academic)
  15. Bill Ebener
  16. Teri Fattig
  17. Dr. Todd Schwarz
  18. Perri Gardner
  19. Lori Garnand
  20. Don Hall - Mayor of Twin Falls; CSI Instructor
  21. Dr. George Halsell
  22. Jeff Harmon
  23. Judy Heatwole - PACE Representative
  24. John Hughes
  25. Dianne Jolovich - Faculty Senate representative (technical)
  26. Dr. Debi Klimes
  27. Jayson Lloyd
  28. Mike Mason
  1. Doug Maughan
  2. Shelley McEuen
  3. Tracey Meyerhoeffer
  4. Dr. John Miller
  5. Paul Morgan
  6. Dawn Orr - PACE Representative
  7. Shonna Parsons
  8. Dr. Barry Pate
  9. Terry Patterson
  10. Cesar Perez
  11. Scott Scholes
  12. Gail Schull
  13. Tiffany Seeley-Case
  14. Whitney Smith
  15. Dr. Marian Steel
  16. Dr. Mark Sugden
  17. Dr. Russ Tremayne
  18. Sarah Taylor
  19. Ken Triplett
  20. Valerie Warner
  21. Mark Wasden
  22. Debra Wilson
  23. Judy Hansen - President of Faculty Senate
  24. Jennifer Zimmers
  25. Student representative*
  26. Student representative*
  27. Student representative*
  28. Student representative*
  29. Student representative*
  30. Student representative*
  31. Student representative*

* Student representatives change from year to year.

Steering Committee

Purpose - The purpose of the Steering Committee is to guide the planning process by providing vision and direction. The committee will capitalize on the leadership experience of the President, Vice Presidents, Deans, and Directors.

Responsibilities - The Steering Committee's responsibilities include: 1) leading the strategic plan development and implementation process, 2) ensuring that all reasonable channels of communication are available to internal constituencies for planning idea development, 3) ensuring that the strategic initiatives, goals, and objectives drive the decision-making process and everyday operations, 4) allocating resources based on established strategic priorities, 5) ensuring that a collaborative "top-down, bottom-up" planning process results in coherency among the ideas and strategies that develop.


  1. Bob Keegan, CSI Board of Trustee Representative
  2. Dr. Jeff Fox, President
  3. Dr. Todd Schwarz, Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer
  4. Dr. Edit Szanto, Vice President of Student Services, Planning and Grant Development
  5. Mike Mason, Vice President of Administration
  6. Judy Hansen, President of Faculty Senate
  7. Judy Heatwole, PACE Representative
  8. Dawn Orr, PACE Representative  
  9. Student Body President  
  10. Dr. Cindy Bond, Instructional Dean
  11. Dr. Mark Sugden, HSHS and Biology Dean
  12. Dr. Terry Patterson, Instructional Dean
  13. Dr. John Miller, Instructional Dean
  14. Dr. Ken Campbell, Dean of IT
  15. Scott Scholes, Dean of Student Services
  16. Jeff Harmon, Dean of Finance
  17. Monty Arrossa, Director of Human Resources
  18. Randy Dill, Director of Facilities
  19. Doug Maughan, Public Relations Director
  20. Debra Wilson, Executive Director of the CSI Foundation