Institutional Planning and Grant Development

Applying for a Grant

Applying for Internal Grants

  • Presidential Innovation Circle Grant
    The Presidential Innovation Circle Grant is an opportunity for four full-time faculty members from diverse areas to come together and form a project and plan.

    Due date for the CSI Innovation Circle Grant is December 4, 2015.
    Applications should be submitted to Kathy Deahl in the Office of the President.

CSI Common Grant Application Form must be used for the following internal (CSI and CSI Foundation) grants.

  • Foundation Mini-Grants (up to $2,500)
    The purpose of these grants is to stimulate creative ideas and activities and their subsequent implementation that result in improved student learning. Collaboration among staff is an important criterion for selection.
    • For more information contact: Debbie Wilson, CSI Foundation Executive Director

  • Collaborative Retreat Grants (up to $2,500) – funded collaboratively between the CSI Foundation and the Faculty Staff Development Committee (FSDC)
    The purpose of these grants is to foster communication between two or more areas of the College that have specific mutual projects, interests, or issues.
    • For more information contact: Note: Collaborative Retreat Grants will not be awarded in the fall of 2015

Applying for External Grants

The following procedures must be followed when applying for external grants (federal, state, corporate, foundations, etc.):

  • Faculty and staff are encouraged to discuss the potential grant opportunity with the institutional Grant Writer.
  • An External Funding Request Form must be filled out for all external grant applications.  Completed forms can be submitted to the Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer who will present it to the Administrative Council for its review and consideration.  Applicants may be invited to present their proposal in person.
  • Members of the Administrative Council must approve the grant proposal before writing commences – prior approval is required. 
  • Applicants will be notified of the Council’s decision by Donanna McKinstry.
  • After securing all required signatures, the External Funding Request Form goes back to the Planning and Development Office (copies will be provided to the applicants, institutional Grant Writer, Magan Hodge and Administrative Coucil members), and writing of the grant can commence. 
  • Draft external grant proposals must be shared with members of Administrative Council prior to submission.  Draft proposals should be e-mailed to members of the Administrative Council (Dr. Jeff Fox, Dr. Todd Schwarz, Mike Mason) at least one week prior to the deadline for submission.  This provides enough time for Council members to read the proposal and make any suggestions for changes, and also allows the individual writing the grant to make any necessary changes prior to submission.
  • Applicants must complete and secure appropriate signatures on the External Grant Submission Form prior to submitting the grant. Completed forms must be submitted to Donanna McKinstry.
  • It is important not to wait until the very last minute to submit the grant.  Things can and will go wrong: hardware/software problems, Internet connection problems, and the submission website can be overloaded or can go down, etc.
  • Before a grant is submitted electronically (e.g. through or mailed in hard copy form, an External Grants Submission Form must be completed, signed, and submitted.
  • Final copies of the grant must be submitted to the Planning and Development Office and to the Project Director/Manager.

Grant Writing Tips