Institutional Planning and Grant Development

Welcome to Institutional Planning and
Grant Development

"The mission of the Office of Institutional Planning and Grants Development is to create educational possibilities for the CSI community and build public partnerships through innovative planning and grant development."


What We Do...

  • Coordinate the institutional strategic planning process
  • Chair the Strategic Planning Committee
  • Ensure compliance of planning processes with applicable Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) standards, Idaho Code, published SBOE and DFM guidelines and policies
  • Publish and widely distribute the institutional Strategic Plan
  • Coordinate the annual review of the institutional Strategic Plan
  • Submit updated copy of the institutional Strategic Plan for review and approval by the CSI Board of Trustees
  • Submit institutional Strategic Plan to SBOE/DFM by the pre-determined deadline
  • Coordinate the collection of performance data (with the help of individuals specifically assigned to each performance measure/benchmark)
  • Develop the annual performance report and submit it to SBOE/DFM
  • Support the implementation of the institutional Strategic Plan (shared responsibility among administration, faculty, staff, and students)
  • Help facilitate the development of yearly development plans (IDP/UDP process - shared responsibility with supervisors, department chairs and division heads)
  • Provide training and consultation on our planning processes and procedures
  • Coordinate grants development  
    • Research funding opportunities for faculty/staff/administration, and share those opportunities with all stakeholders in a timely fashion
    • Design and coordinate project and proposal development
      • Conduct brainstorming sessions to facilitate project design and development
      • Coordinate internal/external partners as needed
      • Assist with project budget development
      • Provide proposal development, editing, and proofreading services for "departmental" grant proposals
      • Write and edit "institutional" grant proposals that are inline with the College’s mission, vision, and strategic goals and objectives
    • Coordinate proposal submission
      • Secure required approvals/signatures
      • Package and submit proposals
      • Distribute proposal copies to internal and external partners
    • Provide ongoing training and consultation for CSI faculty, staff, and administration on grant writing and management